Love, Live and loving it

All my life, I’ve been drifting along , slowly towards some unknown goals,
and then you came and you made my heart flutter
and gave courage and faith to live again.
I always believe that we met not by chance nor circumstances
but we met because it was destined to happened.

We might have our differences, different opinions and beliefs that make us unique.
We have our fair shares of trials, but definitely one thing will prevail and that is our love
and our love for our children and our aim on creating beautiful memories with them.

A love such ours will never end, A love such as ours will always be,
your eyes, your smiles, the kind words you say and the love you have given me,
those memories would warm me and make me strong each day, each moment.

You are my love, my one and only lav-lav, you bring happiness in my life
and joy in my heart. I would not ask for more, because asking would be too much,
i will only hope that we can share,
a Lifetime of Beautiful Memories. “Ikaw Lamang”!

Here’s a song for you my lav-luv!

Nung una kitang masilayan buhay ko’y nag-iba,
binigyan mo ng liwanag ang puso kong nagdurusa,
Ikaw ang kasagutan sa aking mga dalangin,
ang makapiling ka ay langit na maituturing

Ikaw ang aking kaligayahan na hindi mapapantayan,
ng ano mang kayamanan at ng ano pa mang karangyaan
Ikaw ang hanap ng puso ko sa twina,
ang makapiling ka ay labis na ligaya

Wala ng hahanapin, wala ng hihingin
ikaw ang aking pag-ibig , Ikaw Lamang!

The Key to Your Dreams: Positivity

We all have dreams and aspirations in life. We all want to achieve something. As we enjoy our journey in life, step by step we slowly do things that will lead us to the things we desire the most.

In our journey, there is only one thing sure and true, we can achieve all our dreams with positivity. There may be challenges in life that we have to face and sometimes we will fall.  There are days that we may feel that our dreams are so far from our grasp but this should not stop us from dreaming and achiever far  greater things.

Keeping a positive attitude will help us achieve our dreams. How can positivity help us succeed?

1. A positive attitude keeps us going inspite of the bad things we experience in life. Treat these bad experiences as spices that will make us relish and appreciate our dreams even more once we manage to achieve them.

2. Positivity helps in keeping our faith about the good thing life offers really do exists. If we have a positive view in life, we can easily accept the changes that may sometimes hinder our journey towards our dreams. Positivity makes us stronger. It’s the same process that Margot Micallef  are trying to teach us.

3. Positivity makes us realize that there is such no thing as failure.  Failure only happens when we get tired or when we give up on our dreams.  As long as we stay positive no matter how many times we seem to get further away from our goals, failure is just an imaginary feeling – something we will never experience.

Margot Micallef once said to make your goals manageable and take it one step at a time.   Dreaming and going for that dream makes life exciting and worth the journey. Arm yourselves with positivity to make the journey even greater.

DIY Racks for Books

For those who love to read books,  it’s very essential to have a rack or storage for your beloved books.  Although buying a book rack or shelf can cost you thousands ,   rack rails from musicians friend may be an inspiration to create your own racks for your books.

You don’t need a lot of knowledge to begin this task, all you need to do of course is to have the materials to create one.  You can start by finding those tools on your own home and of course, you can always buy easy to build racks from your hardware stores. 

pics from the net

You can also turn your old cabinets to become a new shelf for books or perhaps that small boxes which you can hang on the wall.  Small carton boxes can be turned into a nice box for books too.  You can cover them with a designer paper covers and stock them in one place.

Essential Kitchen Utensils

Jamie Oliver, Rachel Ray, Martha Stewart, these are just some of the famous names in terms of cooking, some of them may not be familiar with  pv115d from guitar center but one thing is for sure, they have their own favorite essential kitchen tools that they use each time they step in to their cooking haven.

Some can be extravagant and some may be minimalist, so here are some of the essential kitchen utensils that you need on your kitchen.  You can get them on your local store or thrifty store, perhaps you can buy on a yard sale or well loved store whatever the case maybe, make sure to choose the basics, read the labels and keep them affordable.

  • Mitts and hot pads – it’s very important since you don’t want your precious hands touching that hot surface.
  • Set of knives – it doesn’t need to be many but set of essential knives is a good to go for different purposes
  • A can opener – Ooh my, this kitchen utensil is my fave and i used them a lot each day.
  • Tongs and strainer – are just some of the must have on a kitchen. 

There are many utensils and gadgets you needed just to create a simple meal and above are just some of them.

Down the road to forgetfulness

Forget me not, i guess that would be my favorite flower or forgetfulness that’s my middle name.  I’m always forgetful of things, blame it with the fact of too many anesthesia in my body that makes my mind for being too forgetful but then good les paul ukulele might give me some ways to remember the things i needed to do.

But i guess, i needed more powerful tools to make me remind the important things that i need to accomplish.  Perhaps a diary, note pad, automatic reminders are just some of the things i need to maintain for me to be reminded of things i have to do.

For now, i have to cope up with this problem or else i’m really going down , down, down to the road of forgetfulness.

Enjoy Quality PowerPoint Presentations When It Really Counts

Your business can surely benefit from high-quality PowerPoint presentations, but what if you do not have the expertise or the time to create these types of projects? In such a case, you will want to turn to a professional company with qualified representatives who know how to make your presentation stand out from all the rest. Consider a visit to an organization such as, where you can have presentations of the highest quality and effectiveness created for your company. Slides will be designed that will make it easy to project your company in the best manner when presentations take place at high-powered meetings and events. You want every aspect of your company presentations to be handled competently and quickly, as only professionals can do.

Highly trained and qualified designers have the knowledge and expertise to handle whatever PowerPoint presentations you desire for your business. Through a competent team, you will be presented with cutting-edge presentations that can be customized to meet your exacting standards, and you will always know what is going on and how your project will appear to others. Professional PowerPoint designers have the ability to create your presentations as quickly as you need them. Your input is always valued, but you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your design team can handle your business projects competently and effectively from start to finish. Professional PowerPoint designers are trained to provide you with the expert results that your company deserves pertaining to all presentations.

Summer Sports for Kids

This coming summer, it’s the best time for kids to go out and play their favorite summer sports. ATVs for Kids is a sport that little and big kids will surely love .  It’s a time that they can bond with other kids as well.

Before, the most popular games for kids are “tumbang preso”,  “sipa”, hide and seek but these days, this outdoor kids is seem forgotten since many kids will prefer to play computer games or tablets.

It is always best to encourage them to go out and play, it will build their immune system and create bonding moments with other kids too.  It is also best to build their mental and physical awareness. But since the summer can bring many sickness too, make sure to keep them protected from the sun and other sicknesses that they can get while playing outside.

Pool Maintenance Tips for Winter

Once the cold sets in, the backyard pool often ends up being neglected. When not using your pool, it’s easy to forget that it still requires regular maintenance to keep the water healthy and make sure it’s in prime condition once the summer heat returns and you’re ready to dive in again.

Cover Your Pool

Keeping your pool covered in winter will keep it in the best possible shape during the off-season, and will help make your pool easier to maintain and keep clean during the cold months when it’s not getting any use.

Shock Treatments

Before you cover your pool up for the winter, administer a higher “shock dose” of your pool chemicals. This helps break down any contamination and re-establish a positive Free Chlorine level. Ask a professional at one of your local Alliance Pool Stores to determine the right dosage for your pool.


During winter, while the pool is unused, there’s a higher likelihood that algae will be able to grow as the water is much more undisturbed, creating a more habitable environment for algae. To get a head start on preventing the growth of algae in your pool during this time, administer a dose of algaecide at the beginning of the season.

Run Pool Pumps Regularly

To prevent algae from growing in your pool it’s important to keep the water from remaining stagnant for two long. Circulate the water daily by running your pool pump for about 6 hours each day. This helps the chemicals in the pool to be more effective and makes it more difficult for algae and bacteria to grow.

Check Filter Weekly

Check your filter each week during the winter months, and backwash it every month to make sure it can perform as effectively as possible. You can increase effectiveness and save on running costs by installing a pre-filter cleaner between the pump and filter.

Keep it Clean

It’s easy to forget that your pool still needs regular cleaning in winter while it’s covered up, free from activity and debris, however cleaning is still an important part of winter maintenance. The walls, floor and steps need cleaning periodically in the colder months to prevent the growth of bacteria and algae. The easiest way to maintain this practice is to use a robotic cleaner.

Regular Testing

Test your water balance regularly, particularly PH and chlorine levels. While your pool is covered these levels should be easier to maintain, but it’s important to monitor and replenish chlorine levels which are often neglected during the off-season. If you can remember to perform these basic maintenance tasks throughout the winter you’ll save yourself a lot of time, money and bother, and your pool will be ready to splash back into as soon as the days start getting warmer.

Secret Marriage – is there such one?

I have encounter this word many times in the past.  A couple having a secret marriage to conceal it to their friends or family.  But is secret marriage really possible and is it really binding under the law?

Before you can be legally married, you need to  fulfill the pre-requisites which is either getting a marriage license or executing an affidavit of cohabitation if you are already living together as husband and wife for at least five years.  Today, a certificate of CENOMAR or certificate of no marriage is already added as pre-requisites by courts which you can secure at NSO or National Statistics Office,  this is to ensure that the couple has no legal impediments to marry each other.

Normally, there are certain peoples who can perform the marriage rites depends on what religion you belong  and if they have the authority to perform such rites.  For instance, the common officiating officers are judges and priests.  But since we are talking about secret marriage , the couple wouldn’t marry on church since you wanted your marriage to be secret, since marrying in church requires “informing the people that a certain woman is marrying this certain man and it was done once every week for three consecutive weeks” which was called “pagtawag”, so a secret union is impossible.

So, if you will be marrying without complying the pre-requisites, possible that your marriage is not valid and can be a ground for annulment or dissolution of marriage later when problems occurs or arises in your relationship.

So,  secret marriage is not  possible because except for the couple, you need at least two people to be your witnesses unless you have no intentions of legalizing your marriage which would only be beneficial for two people who only wanted a ritual or ceremony of marriage without any legal bind.

5 Power Tools Every Tradie Should Have

When it comes to your job, nothing beats having the right tools at your disposal. They can make all the difference between a project that gets completed to the highest standard in the shortest possible time, and one that drags on forever, and still leaves a lot to be desired. If you’re just getting into a trade, and need a little help figuring out the tools you’ll need to complete the job and make your clients happy, read on. Here are 5  power tools that every tradie should own.

1. Cordless drill

Having a high-quality cordless drill in your toolbox is absolutely vital if you’re going to be working in any trade. With an assortment of attachments (e.g., screwdriver, sander, and circular attachments – perfect for cutting a circle into any surface) the cordless drill is one of the most versatile tools in your toolkit. They can be used to drill holes of any size in almost any material, and are powered by rechargeable batteries. This means you can take them into even the tightest of spaces. Just be sure you choose a drill that’s well suited to the task at hand (go to to see what models are best suited for you).

2. Nail gun

If you’re looking for a fast and effective way to drive nails into the materials you’re working with, nothing beats the powerful nail gun. Powered by air compressors, or electromagnetism, nail guns can quickly drive nails into wood, making for a strong and sturdy connection. It can really speed up the progress of the job, but just be careful to always use protective gear (such as strong goggles) when operating it.

3. Power saws

Nothing beats having a strong and sharp saw at your disposal. There are a number of different saws you can buy for your rig, including jigsaws (great for creating patterns and irregular cuts) and circular saws (great for straight line cuts). Note that different cuts require different blades, especially if you’re working with different materials, so make sure that you purchase a number of them to ensure that you always have the right blade for the job.

4. Sander

If you’re going to be working a lot with wood, then it’s vital you own your own sander. Sure, you could purchase a few sheets of sand paper to help you finish the job, but on projects larger than building a small mailbox, this would take you almost an eternity. Of course, the better option is to use a power sander. There are a number of different types on the market (e.g., belt sanders, and orbital sanders), so make sure you do your research and determine which one will better suit your needs.

5. Oscillating tools

Although this particular power tool used to cost an arm and a leg some years back, this is no longer the case. And this is great news. An oscillating tool is able to cut wood, dry wall, and metal, sand in tight corners, and remove grout and scrape off paint; all by using the power of vibration. As such, it is truly a multi-purpose tool that’s perfectly fitting for any serious tradesman’s toolkit. If you’re going to be working in the trades, then is vital you’re armed with all the  appropriate tools. Make sure your toolkit includes all (or most of) the above, and no doubt you’ll get your work done in time, and to high standards.